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The Elements of Homoeopathy

by Dr. P. Sankaran
This book illustrates practically every aspect of homoeopathic medicine, whether it is the study of Materia medica, Hints on Case-Taking, Value of Repertory, Cross References to the Repertory, Difficulties in Practice, and The Scope of Homoeopathy.
The Spirit of Homoeopathy This book is divided into four sections: Philosophy, The Mind, Case-Taking and Finding the Remedy, and Materia medica. The first section looks at what disease is - the origin and the dynamics of disease. The second investigates the understanding of delusions, mental state as a whole and body-mind connection. The third section covers the artistic aspect of homoeopathy, understanding the patient. The final section furthers the understanding of remedies, and includes remedies as examples.
The Substance of Homoeopathy This book illustrates how delusions can be classified using Hahnemann’s theory of miasms. With numerous illustrative cases, this classification can be used as a map of disease to facilitate remedy selection. A detailed study of homoeopathic drugs with reference to their source revels the purpose of the traditional classification into plant, animal and mineral kingdom.
The Soul of Remedies Clear, concise, confirmed descriptions of the inner view of a hundred different remedies and how they express this in clinical situations.
The System of Homoeopathy Illustrating the method of case-taking, case analysis and follow-up, this book includes detailed cases and a number of short cases, through which emerges a System of Homoeopathy. Hints and guidelines about understanding the mental state, eliciting the mind and body connection, central delusion, what to do and what not to do with dreams, plus a further understanding of miasms and kingdoms.
The Sensation in Homoeopathy Using numerous case examples, this book gives one the ability to know at all times in a given case, where to begin and where to aim, through The Seven Levels of Experience. This way of working gives a definitive pathway for case- taking, a means by which to observe and utilize the active energy patterns of the patient (hand gestures and movements), plus a way of matching the patient’s level to the remedy and potency that is required.

An Insight into Plants -

Volumes 1, 2, 3
This book provides a framework of how the plant kingdom can be classified and understood. Tracing the common sensation of each family, this book shows how this sensation can be seen in the remedies in that family. The remedies are differentiated by the miasm to which they belong.
Sankaran’s Schema This book aims to bring in a nut shell, in a tabulated form, the different concepts and information spread over Dr. Sankaran’s books - The Spirit of Homoeopathy, The Substance of Homoeopathy, The System of Homoeopathy, The Sensation in Homoeopathy, and An Insight into Plants (Volume I, II, III), and Sensation Refined.
Structure - Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom The periodic table readily lends itself to the task of classification. Its seven rows and 18 columns can be understood, seen and experienced as stages of human development. Recent explorations into the rows, backed by several clinical cases, provings and research, have thrown new light on the Mineral Kingdom that makes it significantly easier to recognize the remedies in practice.
Sensation Refined This book addresses the problems and pitfalls that seekers in this method face. It answers many queries about the sensation and its expression, and how to understand it better, in a clearer and simpler way. Here, there is a deeper understanding of the experience, living it and seeing almost nothing else.
Survival - The Mollusc Within are described the qualities of Mollusca in nature, its subdivisions, and expressions in the human being. Each of these is described with source words, proving information and clinical cases, to make it easy to recognize in clinical practice.

Survival - The Reptile

(Volume 1 and 2)
Within are described the qualities of Reptilia in nature, its subdivisions, and expressions in the human being. Each of these is described with source words, proving information and clinical cases, to make it easy to recognize in clinical practice.
The Synergy in Homoeopathy - An integrated approach to case-taking and analysis An integrated approach to case-taking and analysis. Never before has the connection between the patient and the remedy been so clear - symptoms and system are two sides of the same coin and this results from an integrated approach. Both the factual and conceptual aspects of the patient and the remedy must be seen together. The knowledge of old masters, such as C.M. Boger, is explained in detail. Through illustrative cases, the secret of success is depicted through this integrated approach. Through a seamless blending of the old and new, conventional and contemporary, the results are proof of a quantum leap in homoeopathic practice.
Synergy Synopsis This book is a small handbook, updated with the latest developments in advanced homoeopathic practice. It is intended to be a ready reference guide for participants who attend seminars, and for others who wish to have an overview of this system of practice.

Just You See

broadening The Homoeopathic Horizon

Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar
This is a book which brings to light the many different approaches and clinical Materia medica of Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar. He is one of busiest homeopathic practitioners in Kolkota, India and sees up to 100 patients a day, 50 of which are cancer cases. This book also describes in depth the different sources and methods which help to solve cases, such as Materia medica, the Repertory, Indian Drugs, Potentised Allopathic Drugs, Sarcodes, and Organ Remedies amongst others.

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