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Case Transcripts From Art Of Practice Section Of WWR - II ( Lecture 20 To 27)
Created on: June 10, 2014, Last Updated on:June 10, 2014


We have added 13 Case Transcripts from Art of Practice section of WWR-II ( Lecture 20 to 27), in the Articles section(Next to Videos Tab)on the WWR 2 website.

We have uploaded these case transcripts well in advance.

This will give you an opportunity to study cases and refer books before the lecture. In these lectures, Dr. Sankaran will take each case and step by step explain his approach

in each of these cases including analysis, kingdom understanding, synergy, rubrics etc. 

Finally, the remedy selected, potency and repetition with follow up will be presented.

Such a step-by-step explanation on these cases is a unique opportunity to learn the thought process of Dr. Sankaran step by step. 

You can download these Case Transcripts.


Dr. Faiza

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