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What Our Participants Say - Feedback About WWR 2
Created on: February 23, 2014, Last Updated on:August 16, 2014

WWR 2 is an excellent sequel to WWR.

More great practical tools, technique, and case examples.

It should be a part of every homeopathic school's curriculum.

It is a valuable Grand Rounds for seasoned as well as newer practitioners, to sharpen their schools, stimulate thought and enhance prescribing.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran has done a great service to the profession in bringing together his learning and experience of over 30 years of clinical experience, as well as conveying teachings of the masters that have come before him. 

As Homeopaths our learning never ends. 

WWR and WWR 2 is an excellent way to bring it all together and sharpen or skills.

I wish I had this tool as a student and beginner prescriber. 

I am glad to have it now, after 30 years of practice.

In gratitude for all you do, and all you share with us,

Samuel and Lila Flageler - USA


I have been taking courses with Rajan since the early 1990. 

Having followed and benefited from his evolving practical brilliance, I wondered what more I could learn.

The answer is plenty and I am grateful to have subscribed to WWR2 and ready to learn more.

Jonathan Breslow


This course (WWR - 2) and WWR - I are fantastic for me. The 3rd lesson is so good too, because the understanding of totality is more easy now with all yours hints and secrets.

I wish you and your staff knew that my clinic is changing daily with the examples and knowledge that you and your staff teaches me at each seminar, course and book. It is wonderful.  And sincerely, I consider that the day I went in your seminar in Brazil, Belo Horizonte - 2007, is "my lucky day as homeopath" because there I felt that found what I was searching to have consistency results in my homeopathic practice and I started to know yours writings, read and study all of them. Now, seven year after studying all your books, seminars and courses, I feel that I am in the right track because I am much more confident and the results are coming.

I like so much of the two First lectures and the lecture about Mac Repertory and Reference Works. Now the synergy approach for the cases is so clear after Dr Sankaran classes.

Thanks for all.

Best regards for you and your staff.

Dr. Samuel Geovanini - Brazil

This is one of the most exciting programs, I look forward to the new lecture every week.

I've felt connected to the greater world of homeopathy, my understanding has deepened in only a couple months.  

My practice has grown and I've prescribed more accurately the first time.  

This is the perfect "graduate program" for professional homeopaths !

Sincere gratitude,

Deborah Walters - USA



Thank you for writing. I am well and enjoying the talks. Dr Sankaran is an amazing homeopath and teacher. He makes it look so easy !

I am looking forward to the rest of the talks over the next year.


Victoria Anderson - Australia

I like the method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

It is seems to me like what I call an  " Homeopathic GPS"

A secure link between the "chart" with is the remedy and the "territory" witch is the patient.

WWR method enhance my  own " Homeopathic GPS"

Thank you, all the best

Warm regards,

Dr. François Littner
Bordeaux France

First of all I thank you again for the support with the password, team viewer, etc.

I could attend the first class yesterday and it was so good. The introduction Dr Rajan did was very opportune.That is what we need now.

I was very pleased to attend also the lecture he gave about
Mac Repertory

It was excellent and can show us some of the multiple possibilities to explore it. 

Thank you again!


Deborah Milward - Brazil

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