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Dr. Divya Chhabra

Topic: Sensation into source

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Dr Divya Chhabra with 21 years of homoeopathic practice, has tread the ladder to the simillimum, exploring every rung with care and depth. She walked through the rungs of rubrics, remedy pictures, provings, delusions before reaching the present vantage point of the ‘Leap to the Similimum’

On this journey she conducted provings of Lac Felinum, Mag Sulph, Thea,Cit-l, Lac-def, Lac Humanum, Tungsten, Bat, Lac Rhesus, Eagle. She also clarified the grey area of potency through 2 potency provings, Nat-mur and Calc-carb.

While the theme of the ‘Unconscious’ has been a constant factor and reaching the state there, through the tool of Free Assosciation an important milestone in the journey, it is only now that it has been fully experienced.



Today, she walks the talk, about the state lying entirely in the unconscious, and the only way of truly curing a person entirely in mind and body is to find the simillimum for the state hidden there. She artfully elicits the point of origin of the chief complaints, ie in the realm of experience of the 5 senses, then follows the call of the unconscious, in the areas of food, fear and dreams, skillfully dodging the patients conscious mind and the homoeopaths prejudiced conscious mind to reach the wall between the conscious and unconscious. Ever mindful of Hahneman’s diktat of rapid and gentle, she then shows how to gracefully leap the wall [rather than break it down] and reach the unconscious. Once there the state words of experience elicited in the chief complaint spontaneously confluence with the source of the remedy itself.

This method of ‘symptom to source’ in the realm of experience she calls ‘Leap to the Simillimum’.


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