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Anne Schadde

Topic: Proving New Remedies

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Anne Schadde is a founder of Homoeopathie Forum and the Academy for Homeopathy in Munich/Gauting in Germany and a Co-founder of the European and International Councils for Classical Homeopathy.

She is a passionate teacher, a very precise prescriber and attempts to understand the peculiarities of remedies elucidated in the proving as an expression of the source, and transmit that to the students to help them differentiate between similar remedies.

Anne Schadde has authored ’Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell’ in which she shares various provings she has conducted.


In this lecture Anne Schadde, will show cases from a new group of remedies, the gemstones. She explains how we can perceive in patients the sensation of the stones through the steps of first naming the sensation and then the kingdom and the subkingdom.

The features of the subkingdom of stones are slowness, encapsulation, confinement with the strong need to break open, but still not being to able to come out. The cases will show how patients express the sensation in different ways and how to use the proving symptoms to understand the remedy Tourmaline.

The last case in the lecture will show a case solved with the semi-precious stone Lapislazuli (Proving is in the Book ’Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell’)

Anne Schadde has conducted a proving of the Tourmaline, published in German ’Turmalin - Edelstein des Regenbogens’, www.narayana-verlag.de (English translation will come soon) and has given more information about precious Tourmalines through an interview with Heidi Brand on DVD, Munich April 2013 in German/English ’Turmaline die Farben der Erde.’ www.narayana-verlag.de.

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