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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Short Cases II

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In the following talks, Dr Sankaran expands on how we can approach a case using different approaches. The possible approaches to enter into the case are:

  • Focusing on the Chief Complaint
  • Simply listening to the patient talk
  • Enquiring into the physical characteristics
  • Meditation
  • Doodles
  • Or whatever technique you may choose

Dr Sankaran stresses on the importance of being open to all approaches and not to restrict ourselves to any single approach. If need be, we can change our approach in the middle of the case based on where the patient’s energy lies.

For example, if he has come to us with a headache, he will be more comfortable talking about the headache because he has the energy of it. But, this is only the beginning of the case and all the other approaches are still available to us. We are free to move to any approach which may be applicable to the patient. In order to complete our understanding of the patient, we need to analyse the case using multiple approaches.

This flexibility is much gentler for the physician as well as for the patient. By reviewing the case record form, we already have a bird’s eye view of the case, with indications where the hot spots are. Then, as the patient narrates the story, we get a further idea where the entry point lies.

The only thing we must keep in mind is that the level of experience of the patient is a significant factor in deciding the approach.

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