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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Case 6

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Art of Practice

In this section of lectures, Dr Sankaran teaches the entire process of integrating the three parts of Synergy – Symptom, System and Genius. When we have a fully integrated approach, we do not need to force the patients to forcefully express themselves in a particular framework, which may be too far-off from their experience.
Instead, we can choose a viewpoint that resonates with their level of experience and understand it the way they have to say it.

This creates a more organic and gentle style of case taking which fully respects whom the patient is. This proves to be less draining for both the homeopath and the patient alike. This gentleness is very important, as we have often found that pushing patients to reveal a deeper level of experience simply does not work in many cases.

Triangulating between the three angles of symptoms, system and genius makes the Synergy even more powerful. When the remedy matches the patient from all these angles, we can be very sure of our prescription. Symptoms and system complement each other and we can often use one to understand the other.

In his practice, Dr Sankaran often perceives the characteristic symptoms and the sensation as intertwined. We separate them intellectually solely for the purpose of analysis, whereas they are integrated expressions of the patient’s state. This brings us to the idea of Synergy.

This approach has proved to be the most effective approach in Dr Sankaran’s practice. He observes the point where the understanding of the symptoms and the system collide and creates a big impact – creating a realization that this has to be the Remedy.

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