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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Case 1

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This lecture highlights Dr Sankaran’s approach to any given case. He explains the case taking process and how we can use the Synergy Synopsis book as a guide for the same.

The art of case taking lies in understanding at which level the patient is manifesting his symptoms. If the patient presents with pathology, we cannot take the case at the sensation level and have to start working with facts and local symptoms. This is the importance of the FIRST 10 MINUTES of the case. This determines the direction of the case and we find the ENTRY POINT, i.e. the point on which the patient lays maximum emphasis.

Another aspect we must keep in mind is the EXCITING FACTOR, because what started the illness is most often the most sensitive point for the patient. When we explore this aspect, we will often get a very solid, sure and definite indication, either from the system or symptom point of view, a very peculiar and individual aspect of the case and this we must consider as the ANCHOR of the case. This helps us by not allowing us to stray too far from the main idea of the case.

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