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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Approach in Follow ups - II

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We have very few guidelines to deal with follow-ups and still fewer Masters who have shared their experience about follow-ups.

To begin with, the Case Taking Process deals with collecting information about the individual and it never actually ends. It involves all the information, which we collect even during the Follow-Ups. Each time the patient is with us, we are obtaining additional information.

Dr Sankaran talks about the importance of Observation during the case taking process. Certain things, which we can keep in mind, are:

  • What are the types of questions asked by the patient?
  • How doubtful or how suspicious is the patient?
  • Who does she get along for the interview?
  • Who does the talking?
  • What are the things, which she is concerned about?

Observation with regards to these aspects, speaks a lot about the patient’s individuality and they are observed more clearly during the follow-ups.

The various possible outcomes of a follow-up are:

  • Repetition
  • Change in potency or scale of potency
  • Use of placebo
  • Change in remedy or using complementary remedies
  • Follow-up of an acute episode
  • Dealing with allopathic medication
  • Use of meditation techniques for healing

Dr Sankaran believes that the real success of a practitioner does not depend solely on the first prescription, but depends on the follow-up, to a large extent.

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