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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Approach to case taking when kingdom is not prominent

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In this session Dr Sankaran explains how a certain kind of fixity has crept into the students of sensation method.

A certain rigidity within the sensation method resulted in sometimes pushing an unwilling patient too hard to speak about a specific gesture or word. When pushed, the patient would either stop talking all together or speak from his imagination rather than his experience. When this occurs, the view is distorted, and it becomes hard for the practitioner to discern the direct expression of the patient’s inner state. The central idea of the patient is, thus, lost.

A much more serious issue is that the practitioner felt the need to choose between the traditional approach, using repertory and Materia Medica, and the Sensation approach, using analysis according to kingdoms and miasms. It was either/or. Often the Sensation Method practitioner did not even feel the need to use repertory or Materia Medica, since he expected the patient to spontaneously reveal the name of the remedy itself.

In this talk, Dr Sankaran illustrates how to go about a case in which the sensation, kingdom or miasm is not clear and emphasizes on the Synergy of both the symptoms and the system approach.

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