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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Case Taking Techniques I

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Dr Sankaran has a wide repertoire of case taking techniques, which he utilizes in his practice.

Here are few of the Concepts:

The First 10 Minutes: the first 10 minutes are the most crucial moments of the case. It helps us to determine the direction of the case by allowing the patient to express himself completely, without any interference.

Different cases require different approaches depending on the level at which the characteristic symptoms are found. This brings us to the concept of Entry Point.

One of the newer concepts explained in these two lectures is that of an Anchor. An Anchor is the first Solid, Sure, Clear and Intense symptom in the case.

Then there is – Importance of the Chief Complaint: Here, the Levels of experience play an important role. When a local symptom exhibits prominent modalities or when there is a prominent dream or fear or delusion, this should be completely investigated first.

Another important technique that Dr. Sankaran uses most often in his practice is that of Peripheral Vision. This refers to the physician’s ability to not only follow a direct line of thought but also to pick up details from the periphery. It is like finding something totally unexpected and much more valuable, but you have to be alert to recognize it.

In these 2 lectures, Dr Sankaran demonstrates these concepts with the help of case examples.

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