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Dr. Andreas Holling

Topic: Dimensions in Mineral Kingdom

Short Clip From Lecture

Dr. Andreas Holling lives and practices Classical Homoeopathy in Munster, Germany since 1986. 

He has been teaching the Sensation Method since 2002 and conducts 3-year intensive courses in Munster and teaches throughout Germany. Through his "Theory of Dimensions", Dr. Holling has developed a new key to a deeper understanding of the periodic table for homoeopathic applications.

Summary of Lecture

Dimensions in the Mineral Kingdom 

Using several illustrations, Dr. Holling will introduce how he differentiates the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. 

He will present his new concept of the periodic table, which complements and deepens the current ideas of Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. If plants and animals have ‘non human’ specific expressions of their Vital Sensation - how can the themes of the rows of the periodic table ie: birth, identity, work, security, creativity and responsibility be the basis for the minerals? Andreas has explored the deeper and ‘non human’ specific indications of this kingdom.

Going through the rows he illustrates his understanding.

• Dimension 0: blank matrix (row 1) - the pure being without any structures of dimensions - being without location, without direction/movement, without energy storage, without future & past, without intentions

• Dimension 1: (row 2) point, spot, location, subject: asking WHERE

• Dimension 2: (row 3) relation, line, direction, movement, object WHERETO move or relate

• Dimension 3: (row 4) fulfillment, movement with force, work, storage of energy: asking HOW MUCH

• Dimension 4: (row 5) timing, anticipation - applying energy with right timing - representations, information: asking WHEN

• Dimension 5: (row 6) cause & effect - intentions become manifest - causes are responsible for the effects: asking WHY

• Dimension 6: (row 7) effective by just being, effective by radiation, effective by self-destruction           

Andreas shows the significance of his work by applying it to a case and shedding new light on characteristics of mineral remedies for example; ‘Desire to touch objects’ in Sulph and ‘Anxiety when a time is set’ in Argentum nitricum.


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