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Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Topic: Introduction to Synergy I

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These two introductory talks by Dr Rajan Sankaran deals with the evolution of homeopathic practice from symptoms to system and now to the current idea of integrating the two sides into synergy.

Dr Sankaran elucidates the three angles of “Synergy” namely:

Symptom: This involves the use of repertory, Materia Medica, keynotes, provings, etc.

System: This involves the understanding of kingdoms, miasms and source.

Genius: This is the distillation of the main idea of the remedy.

Dr Sankaran takes us through the journey from his initial practice to his learning from his teachers – Dr Phatak, Dr Sarabhai, Dr Kanjilal, Dr Jugal Kishore, Prof. Vithoulkas. He takes us step by step through the evolution of his concepts to the current stage.

This fascinating overview of the process of his evolution serves as an appropriate introduction to the whole series and orients the viewer with all the lectures that will follow.

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