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Dr. Nancy Herrick

Topic: Sycotic Miasm

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Roger and Nancy are amongst the most experienced homeopaths in the world. They pioneered homeopathy during its revival in the last quarter of the 20th century through their clinic, provings and highly successful classical professional training programs.

Nancy Herrick began homeopathic practice in 1974 following a Masters in Psychology. She commenced teaching in 1983 at the International Foundation for Homeopathy and was one of the founders of the Hahnemann Medical Clinic and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy.

She has lectured extensively all over the world. Nancy has been the master prover of 20 new remedies including Lac Lupinum, Lac Equinum and Leminitis Bredavii (California sister butterfly. Many of these provings are published in two books "Animal Minds, Human Voices" and "Sacred Plants, Human Voices".

She received the first honorary doctorate degree awarded by the American Medical College of Homeopathy.


This seminar discussing the Sycotic miasm, is one part of a professionally edited video series representing nine lively days of seminars by Drs Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick.

The videos give an in-depth understanding of the nine miasms using lectures, case material and live patients interviews followed by questions and answers from the attending homeopathic students.

Nancy and Roger feel that this miasm material represents the most important work they have ever done to make case taking a more successful process. This lecture series is available for purchase by writing to HMCrichmond@gmail.com.

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