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Dr. Willi Neuhold

Topic: Miasms

Short Clip From Lecture


Dr. Willi Neuhold is a medical doctor from Austria practicing homeopathy since 1989.

Formerly teaching homeopathy at the University of Graz in Austria, he has numerous publications and contributions in various Journals and books.
For several years he has been teaching the Sensation Method in Austria and Germany.

He has been instrumental in creating the German version of the Vital Quest software.

He has developed a unique way of understanding and using the concept of miasms in acute cases and child cases.


In his talk, Dr. Neuhold will simplify the understanding of the miasms, by differentiating between the concepts and levels of desperation of the different miasms.

The depth and intensity of the sensation will lead to the differentiation of the miasms, the degree of hope and despair. Willi takes us through the pace of the pathology and the depth of the sensation in each of the nine miasms. He demonstrates how we can use the understanding of the miasms to perceive the strategy of the patient to deal with his problems, his pathology and his sensation.

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