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Dr. Jayesh Shah

Topic: Meditation Approach

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Dr. Shah is a senior Consultant and Faculty at the Other Song Academy.

He is a renowned homeopath with a wealth of clinic experience spanning more than thirty years. He is a highly sought after teacher all over India and internationally, holding seminars in Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada.

He has also authored the book, ‘Into the Periodic Table’.


Known for his skillful approach in understanding patients, Dr Jayesh Shah has developed a unique method of case taking using meditative and other intensive techniques to explore the patient’s deepest core issues, leading to an essential level of understanding, awareness and healing.

In this lecture he will demonstrate how he integrates these new meditative techniques with the Sensation Method, facilitating the deepest expression of the Vital Force. Dr Jayesh Shah often sees this process resulting in instant healing combined with deep insights into the homeopathic remedy and its source.

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