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Dr. Jürgen Hansel

Topic: Repertorisation

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Dr. Jürgen Hansel, homoeopathic doctor since 1983, has been president of the World Institute of Sensation Homoeopathy until 2013.

He is an honorary member of the supervisory board at Krankenhaus fur Naturheilweisen, the homoeopathic hospital in Munich, Germany.
He is also an instructor in homoeopathic continuing education and since 1991 he has been chairing an annual International Homoeopathic workshop in Munich, reflecting the advancement in current homoeopathy and featuring top homoeopaths from all over the world.
He is also the co-editor of the prestigious Homoeopathic journal "Spectrum of Homeopathy".

Dr. Jürgen Hansel is author of many works including ‘Whole Again’.



In his lecture he gives two examples of how to combine the old and the new; blending the use of symptoms and the repertory with the use of the Sensation Approach.


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