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Dr. Ashok Borkar

Topic: Kingdom Differentiation

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Faculty of the Other Song

Dr. Ashok Borkar has been practicing homoeopathy in Goa for the last 23 years. He has developed his original style of case taking and case analysis. His clinic is like an institution where a number of Homoeopaths come to hone their skills by learning the practical application of Homoeopathic philosophy.

He is the author of the book, “Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection”, in which he has demonstrated the ‘art of using the pathology’ to make a good prescription.

He is regularly conducting seminars on the Sensation Method in Goa and Karnataka and also conducts the Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs in Goa.


In this talk, Dr. Borkar will be sharing a few cases giving a deeper understanding into the differentiation of kingdoms.As he guides you through the nuances of this subject he will make you aware of the errors that a newcomer to the Sensation Method is likely to commit.

He will outline the basic rules that need to be followed so that one can use the Sensation Method effectively.

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